OC Spearos

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OC Spearos is a nonprofit spearfishing and freediving club, that educates the our members on the sport of spearfishing and its relative components.  We are committed to the spearfishing community in providing quality insight as it relates to safety, game identification, current regulations, methods of harvest, gear and rigging, spearfishing travel and tournaments, local dive spots, and general tips.  This is achieved through the congregation and distribution of expertise gained by our individual members.  Above all, the OC Spearos are dedicated to both the safety of our members and the long term sustainability of the sport.

Membership in OC Spearos Club helps continue the sport of spearfishing and allows for exponential growth in the sport. As we learn from each other through club meetings and events, we hone in on what works and what doesn’t. Membership instantly provides you with a network of spearos in which we discover new friends and dive buddies who match our own excitement and eagerness to get in the water. If your normal dive friends can’t go out, you have a network of people who will.