Brandyn Kennedy

Brandyn Kennedy –¬†Information officer

Ever since I could remember I have had a passion for the ocean. Having grown up in Orange County, California, I spent much of my youth surfing and bodysurfing at local beaches any chance I could get. I was fortunate to travel every year, where I would go on family vacations to locations such as Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Theses trips provided me with new and diverse opportunities to ride more challenging waves, explore the ocean, and develop new friendships with others who share my love for the water.
I had the privilege of being introduced to the OC Spearos in 2015, and have considered the club a home ever since. I enjoy attending the monthly meetings where I have gained knowledge about spearfishing, diving, and have built valuable relationships through the process. Moreover, I especially enjoy taking new members out on dives, who may have little or no experience and see them progress over time. I consider it an honor to be on the board of the OC Spearos, and I truly looking forward to future seasons as I serve the club. Brandyn can be reached at