Brian Asahi

Brian Asahi- Treasurer

Born and raised in Orange County, I have been surfing and catching fish since childhood. As soon as I learned that there was a crazy lifestyle called spearfishing, where you get to catch fish and be IN the water at the same time, I knew it would become my new obsession. Luckily there was a local club of helpful and experienced divers that were welcoming newbies to the sport: the OC Spearos.

It has only been a few years, but with the guidance of veteran spearos, I quickly went from shooting little perch to big, beautiful dorado, yellowtail, ling cod, etc. As a board member and as someone who owes all of his diving skills, opportunities, and buddies to the club, I am dedicated to giving back to our organization (with a soft spot for showing newbies the ropes.)

Spearfishing is more than a sport and more than a hobby. It would be cliché to call it a way of life, but in my opinion it is so satisfying because I feel that it is the way that human beings are supposed to live. Nothing compares to excitement and adventure of swimming with blue whales and sea turtles, finally spearing that fish you have been pursuing and researching for years, feeding your entire family a delicious and nutritious meal with your own hands and spear, or the camaraderie of your fellow divers.

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