Peter Vandendriesse

Peter Vandendriesse – Media Director

I’m an Art Director/Designer working in the L.A. area, and have a passion for illustration, web design, and entrepreneurial endeavors.  Being able to combine that with my other love –
being underwater – is a treat. Growing up in San Diego, a little fiberglass pole spear was something that we always brought to the beach with us, but it mostly sat unused.  Years later, after attending college at land-locked UC Davis, I re-kindled that saltwater fever by heading straight to the murky waters of Mendocino with a friend, on an adventure for that sweet beast called abalone.

After a season of ab dives, and seeing multiple NorCal monsters staring back at me from holes, it didn’t take long to dust off the old pole spear.  Fast forward 5 years – now I’m back in sunny Southern California, where the water is clearer but the fish are quicker, and I’m loving every weekend spent in the water. Peter can be reached at