Eric Jensen – Director

1490691_10153657243585352_133411312_o Eric Jensen, son of Poseidon, emerged from the oceanic depths clutching a hammerhead shark in his right hand, and a moray eel in this left.
After such an epic introduction to the world, Eric has since fostered a supreme passion to become an assassin of the water.  Having dived the Sea of Cortez, Fiji, and the Coral Sea, Eric believes to have left his heart in Tonga.  He’s waltzed with whale-sharks, hula’d with humpbacks, and sashayed with sea turtles.
His preferred target species is  the elusive sea horse.  With a personal best free-diving depth of one hundred feet and armed with his weapon of mass fish-struction, Eric Jensen remains an aquatic force to be reckoned with.

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