—Ryan Huff Raffle Page—


For the Live Stream please tune in here around 7:30 on You Tube https://youtu.be/H6G6-qUaur8

By purchasing tickets here you will not only be giving yourself an opportunity to win any number of these great prizes, but you can feel good about supporting a fund that will significantly impact our local dive community by creating a way to certify divers with professional Freediving instruction.  100% of the proceeds of this raffle will go into the scholarship fund to serve our local dive community. Through a partnership with both our donors and the certifying bodies with whom we work, the OC Spearos will pay the full amount of costs incurred in enrolling for both entry-level and continued levels of education for our members.

Thank you for participating in the “Ryan Huff Memorial Fund” Online Raffle. 

Tune into the raffle at the November Meeting or on Livestream on 11/19/2020 ~ 7:30 pm.

Item #1 Baja Azul 3 Spearo Dive Trip

Item #2 Beuchat Luggage

Item #3 Signed Copy! Hank Shaw Cookbook Buck Buck Moose (2 Winners!)

Item #4 Signed Copy! Hank Shaw Cookbook Pheasant Quail Cottontail (2 Winners)

Item #5 Black Face Gator (6 Winners!)

Item #6 White Face Gator
(6 Winners!)

Item #7 Riffe Dive Knife

Item #8 Riffe Dive Bag

Item #9 Dwight Hwang Lobster Print

Item #10 Dwight Hwang Blue Fin Print

Item #11 Prep Kitchen Cooking Class
Item #12 Lost Winds Dive Ship $50 Gift Cert (2 Winners)

Item #13 Neptonics $100 Gift Cert

Item #14 Riffe Shirt Hat Combo

Item #15 Riffe Shirt Hat Combo

Item #16 Riffe Shirt Hat Combo

Item #17 Riffe Shirt

Item #18 Riffe Shirt

Item #19 Riffe Gloves

Item #20 Beuchat 75cm Two Band Gun

Item #21 OC Spearos Pirate Flag 50X41 (Two Winners!)

Item #22 OC Spearos Dive Flag 34X28 (Six Winners!)

Item #23 (lightly used) Meandros Custom 120cm Cuttlefish Two Stage Double Roller Blue Water / WSM Carbon Fiber Speargun

Item #24 Lost Winds Hoodie

Item #25 Pelagic 30L Dry Backpack Black Camo
Item #26 Kimera SideSlip 9/32

Item #27 Pro Trauma First Aid Kit

Item #28 Basic Trauma Kit (2 Winners!)
Item # 29 Spearing Mag 1 Year Sub and Shirt

Item # 30 Spearing Mag 1 Year Sub and Hat
Item #31 Surf Fur Medium

Item #32 Argos Combo