Board Members

Myrran D. McKeen – President

10569094_10203519463644482_7373159125959543735_nHaving grown up in the North West I spent much of my youth on the Oregon Coast and in the waters of the numerous Rivers and Lakes Oregon has to offer.  After moving to Southern California in 2004 I was quickly introduced to Freediving for Lobster by a good friend.  That in turn, opened my eyes to all that is awesome with the waters outside Southern California.  In the years since, I have taken each opportunity I get to spend it out on the water with friends searching for whatever game can be found to put food on the table, and to create a life full of memories.  I currently have a small boat that makes frequent trips to Catalina Island, often for the entire weekend.  My wife and two daughters are always happy to see me come back, and like to inspect the days catch.  Some of my favorite species to hunt are Calico Bass, Yellow Tail, and the Spiny Lobster.  I could literally get by all year just targeting these.  Lucky we have so many different species to target the dinner plate is often filled with something else just as tasty.  I dabble in a little gun building in my garage and really enjoy that as well.  There is something special about building a gun and then bringing home dinner with it later.  Very satisfying.  Since finding a home with the OC Spearos I have enjoyed many meetings and especially enjoy getting to see the young Spearos get into the sport knowing nothing then watching them find the validation of hard work at the end of a spear. Good stuff.  I look forward to many seasons under the banner of OC Spearos.
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Eric Jensen- Vice President

1490691_10153657243585352_133411312_o Eric Jensen, son of Poseidon, emerged from the oceanic depths clutching a hammerhead shark in his right hand, and a moray eel in this left.
After such an epic introduction to the world, Eric has since fostered a supreme passion to become an assassin of the water.  Having dived the Sea of Cortez, Fiji, and the Coral Sea, Eric believes to have left his heart in Tonga.  He’s waltzed with whale-sharks, hula’d with humpbacks, and sashayed with sea turtles.
His preferred target species is  the elusive sea horse.  With a personal best free-diving depth of one hundred feet and armed with his weapon of mass fish-struction, Eric Jensen remains an aquatic force to be reckoned with.

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Brian Asahi- Treasurer

Born and raised in Orange County, I have been surfing and catching fish since childhood. As soon as I learned that there was a crazy lifestyle called spearfishing, where you get to catch fish and be IN the water at the same time, I knew it would become my new obsession. Luckily there was a local club of helpful and experienced divers that were welcoming newbies to the sport: the OC Spearos.

It has only been a few years, but with the guidance of veteran spearos, I quickly went from shooting little perch to big, beautiful dorado, yellowtail, ling cod, etc. As a board member and as someone who owes all of his diving skills, opportunities, and buddies to the club, I am dedicated to giving back to our organization (with a soft spot for showing newbies the ropes.)

Spearfishing is more than a sport and more than a hobby. It would be cliché to call it a way of life, but in my opinion it is so satisfying because I feel that it is the way that human beings are supposed to live. Nothing compares to excitement and adventure of swimming with blue whales and sea turtles, finally spearing that fish you have been pursuing and researching for years, feeding your entire family a delicious and nutritious meal with your own hands and spear, or the camaraderie of your fellow divers.

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Fernando Guiterrez – Executive Member Committee Chair

1387494153_picsay-1387494153Ever since I can remember, I have loved fishing. As the years passed I became more addicted to fishing and eventually I took a position at Davey’s Locker Sport Fishing in Newport Beach just so I could fish for free. This made me a proficient and skilled sport fishermen and I could always be counted on to fill the family freezer. Deep sea fishing was my passion, until the summer of 2008. That summer my friends and I spent a lot of time at the beach and we would see these guys in snorkeling gear and long yellow poles coming out of the surf. So I went out and purchased the gear and the following weekend I went out at Treasure Island (now closed due to MLPAs) with a snorkel and pole spear in hand and took my first fish – a small black perch. You wouldn’t believe how proud I was of myself. I’ve been catching fish in the 10lb to 80lb range my entire life yet this 8oz fish made me prouder than the rest. My friends and I were hooked on the sport. In the fall of 2009 we saw the need for a spearfishing club in Orange County to educate the public about spearfishing, to sustain the local fisheries and environment, and to unify spearfishers in the greater Orange County area. In April 2010, OC Spearos was officially started and continues to grow today.
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 Jeremy Caulkins – Club Ambassador – Executive Member

292510_335936759813238_1631625807_nFreediving Instructors International (FII)

Professional Ratings:

Spearfishing Instructor

Level 1 Instructor

Assistant Instructor

SI-Basic Freediving Safety Instructor

I hold a B.S. degree in “Exercise Sports Science” from Concordia University in Irvine, California. My degree focused on sporting physiology, coaching/ teaching, and sporting psychology. The knowledge and skills obtained from my degree are fundamental to my teaching philosophy and how I run my classroom.

I have been diving and spearfishing in Orange County since 1990. I took my 1st formal dive class in 2008 and it completely changed the way I dive. After completing a class similar to the one I offer, I began to dive safer and more efficiently than ever. Over the course of 5 days I was able to increase my personal best depth from 30 feet over 100 feet, and I increased my static breath hold from 1 minute to over 5 minutes.

I started competing in spearfishing tournaments (World Cup in La Paz, Pacific Coast Championships etc.) in 2009 and that led me to my local dive club OC Spearos. After joining the club in 2011, I was voted in as president of the OC Spearos (2012-2014) and my involvement in the club then led me to become a FII instructor. My club consists of mainly young/ beginner divers, and I found that the majority of our members were in need of formal training. My goal is to teach club members and the Orange County diving community how to become safe and competent divers. I encourage everyone to come to an OC Spearos meeting or club dive to meet myself and others interested in the sport (email for information).

Active Courses are listed at:

If you are interested in a private class please e-mail me to schedule at:


Leo Mercado – Club Ambassador – Executive Member

1522741_10154040802565352_7245181514710269652_oLeo has been diving and spearfishing for nearly a decade and was one of the first members of the OC Spearos. He is both an accomplished Freediver and Spearo.   He also excels in Hook & Line fishing.   From talking to sponsors, to hosting Club Dives, Leo is an asset and integral part of the club.
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Peter Vandendriesse – Exeutive Member

I’m an Art Director/Designer working in the L.A. area, and have a passion for illustration, web design, and entrepreneurial endeavors.  Being able to combine that with my other love –
being underwater – is a treat. Growing up in San Diego, a little fiberglass pole spear was something that we always brought to the beach with us, but it mostly sat unused.  Years later, after attending college at land-locked UC Davis, I re-kindled that saltwater fever by heading straight to the murky waters of Mendocino with a friend, on an adventure for that sweet beast called abalone.

After a season of ab dives, and seeing multiple NorCal monsters staring back at me from holes, it didn’t take long to dust off the old pole spear.  Fast forward 5 years – now I’m back in sunny Southern California, where the water is clearer but the fish are quicker, and I’m loving every weekend spent in the water. Peter can be reached at