Mission Statement

OC Spearos is a nonprofit spearfishing and freediving club, that educates the our members on the sport of spearfishing and its relative components.  We are committed to the spearfishing community in providing quality insight as it relates to safety, game identification, current regulations, methods of harvest, gear and rigging, spearfishing travel and tournaments, local dive spots, and general tips.  This is achieved through the congregation and distribution of expertise gained by our individual members.  Above all, the OC Spearos are dedicated to both the safety of our members and long term sustainability of the sport.

“We take what we eat, we eat what we take”

About Spearfishing

Spearfishing is the most ecological way of catching fish. There is zero “BY CATCH” when using a speargun to obtain fish. “BY CATCH” is a term used by biologists and conservationist to describe the accidental killing of non targeted species such as other fish, sea turtles and dolphins, etc. For example, the netting of tuna often captures and kills other marine species such as turtles and dolphins in the process. Additionally, the practice of long lining, gillnetting, and trawling are equally harmful because, again, non targeted species are indiscriminately caught and killed.

Prior to killing a targeted fish, the spearo will first review the following prior to taking the shot:
a. Will this fish be eaten?
b. Is this species of fish legal to harvest?
c. Does this fish meet the required legal size?
d. Can this fish be harvested without harming any non targeted wildlife?

If the spearo cannot answer “YES” to all of the above listed questions, the fish is not taken.

True spearos take only fish that they eat.

The only time a fish is killed by a spearo and is not eaten is when the fish killed has been determined by federal authorities as a threat to the environment such as non native species, causing environmental destruction to native fish populations. In this case, federal authorities, acting on scientific data provided by expert biologist, often call on spearos to help eliminate the destructive, non native fish in an effort to save the natural aquatic eco system. The selective elimination of these fish can only be done by using a speargun to ensure that native wildlife are not harmed in the process.

Club History

The OC Spearos Club started with a group of friends who loved spearfishing and being underwater in general. Living in Orange County with no local club to help grow the sport and bring fellow divers together, the OC Spearos was launched in April 2010 with pride and purpose.  Since then, the club has been dedicated to educating Orange County citizens about the ecologically sustainable sport of spearfishing as well as fostering pride and camaraderie within the spearfishing community.  The club continues to grow rapidly and welcomes a great mix of members varying widely in background, age, and skill.  OC Spearos also gives back to the community by hosting an annual tournament, organizing camping educational camping trips and holding monthly meetings to our donating members and the public to educate and inform them about the sport.

Club Membership

Becoming a donating member in OC Spearos Club helps continue the sport of spearfishing and allows for exponential growth in the sport. As we learn from each other through club meetings and events, we hone in on what works and what doesn’t. Membership instantly provides you with a network of spearos in which we discover new friends and dive buddies who match our own excitement and eagerness to get in the water. If your normal dive friends can’t go out, you have a network of people who will.

An annual Club Membership Subscription provides all of these benefits at a modest $50 price. Active Military and Veterans’ annual dues are only $35.


Membership applications can be completed by filling out the online form on the membership page.

All memberships are done digitally now.

Non Profit Directors

Every Director serving the club donates his or her time.  Directors are not compensated for their time in any way.  All donations go directly back into the club and are used to spread our message to the public and give back to our subscribers in the form of educational activities an events.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.