Myrran D. McKeen – Director

10569094_10203519463644482_7373159125959543735_nHaving grown up in the North West I spent much of my youth on the Oregon Coast and in the waters of the numerous Rivers and Lakes Oregon has to offer.  After moving to Southern California in 2004 I was quickly introduced to Freediving for Lobster by a good friend.  That in turn, opened my eyes to all that is awesome with the waters outside Southern California.  In the years since, I have taken each opportunity I get to spend it out on the water with friends searching for whatever game can be found to put food on the table, and to create a life full of memories.  I currently have a small boat that makes frequent trips to Catalina Island, often for the entire weekend.  My wife and two daughters are always happy to see me come back, and like to inspect the days catch.  Some of my favorite species to hunt are Calico Bass, Yellow Tail, and the Spiny Lobster.  I could literally get by all year just targeting these.  Lucky we have so many different species to target the dinner plate is often filled with something else just as tasty.  I dabble in a little gun building in my garage and really enjoy that as well.  There is something special about building a gun and then bringing home dinner with it later.  Very satisfying.  Since finding a home with the OC Spearos I have enjoyed many meetings and especially enjoy getting to see the young Spearos get into the sport knowing nothing then watching them find the validation of hard work at the end of a spear. Good stuff.  I look forward to many seasons under the banner of OC Spearos.
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