Fernando Gutierrez – Director/Co-Founder

1387494153_picsay-1387494153Ever since I can remember, I have loved fishing. As the years passed I became more addicted to fishing and eventually I took a position at Davey’s Locker Sport Fishing in Newport Beach just so I could fish for free. This made me a proficient and skilled sport fishermen and I could always be counted on to fill the family freezer. Deep sea fishing was my passion, until the summer of 2008. That summer my friends and I spent a lot of time at the beach and we would see these guys in snorkeling gear and long yellow poles coming out of the surf. So I went out and purchased the gear and the following weekend I went out at Treasure Island (now closed due to MLPAs) with a snorkel and pole spear in hand and took my first fish – a small black perch. You wouldn’t believe how proud I was of myself. I’ve been catching fish in the 10lb to 80lb range my entire life yet this 8oz fish made me prouder than the rest. My friends and I were hooked on the sport. In the fall of 2009 we saw the need for a spearfishing club in Orange County to educate the public about spearfishing, to sustain the local fisheries and environment, and to unify spearfishers in the greater Orange County area. In April 2010, OC Spearos was officially started and continues to grow today.
Contact Fernando at: fernie8884@yahoo.com