Club/Public Meetings


First Class Pizza, Fountain Valley, CA


November meeting will focus on dive safety.  We will have our in-house experts going over the do’s and dont’s of diving safely.  Come have some pizza and reinforce your brain with some valuable knowledge we have to share with you.  If you you are a beginner looking for tips, or a veteran diver who thinks they have heard this all before you would be well suited to go over this information either for the first time, or once again.  Talking and thinking about safety on a regular basis can have significant impact on how you are currently diving.  It is important to remember that this sport can give and it can just as easily take away.    Come enjoy the company of your fellow divers and join us in a discussion to reinforce safe diving.  You, your family, your dive partners, and friends deserve for you to revisit this type of information.

Looking forward to seeing a good turnout!!


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Future Meetings:

December No Club Meeting Merry Christmas 

January 16th 2020