The Orange County Spearos will be hosting a meeting on “Advanced Marine Environment First Aid”. It will be held at Pelagic Headquarters in Costa Mesa (1660 Placentia Ave) Thursday September 20th 6:00pm- 8:30pm. All Clubs & divers are welcome to attend. A food truck will be on site & we will provide the beverages.

Special Speaker David Chen an Emergency Medicine Physician & SWAT Medic will be speaking on life saving measures involving incidents spearfishermen are most likely to encounter locally & abroad where emergency services can be non existent. Including wounds created by propellars, ocean predators, spearguns, knives etc and the effective methods of treatment. This is important life saving information Every diver should know. DISCLAIMER: GRAPHIC VIDEOS & PHOTOS of injuries will be shown.

The event will start at 6:00pm with PELAGIC speaking about their new products. They will then open their headquarters to all in attendance & offer 30% off all merchandise!!!

At 7:00pm sharp David Chen will give his talk on “Advanced Marine Environment First Aid”.

We encourage you to invite your friends & family in the dive community to learn these potentially life saving measures.


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