Jeremy Caulkins – Director


Freediving Instructors International (FII)

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Spearfishing Instructor

Level 1 Instructor

Assistant Instructor

SI-Basic Freediving Safety Instructor

I hold a B.S. degree in “Exercise Sports Science” from Concordia University in Irvine, California. My degree focused on sporting physiology, coaching/ teaching, and sporting psychology. The knowledge and skills obtained from my degree are fundamental to my teaching philosophy and how I run my classroom.

I have been diving and spearfishing in Orange County since 1990. I took my 1st formal dive class in 2008 and it completely changed the way I dive. After completing a class similar to the one I offer, I began to dive safer and more efficiently than ever. Over the course of 5 days I was able to increase my personal best depth from 30 feet over 100 feet, and I increased my static breath hold from 1 minute to over 5 minutes.

I started competing in spearfishing tournaments (World Cup in La Paz, Pacific Coast Championships etc.) in 2009 and that led me to my local dive club OC Spearos. After joining the club in 2011, I was voted in as president of the OC Spearos (2012-2014) and my involvement in the club then led me to become a FII instructor. My club consists of mainly young/ beginner divers, and I found that the majority of our members were in need of formal training. My goal is to teach club members and the Orange County diving community how to become safe and competent divers. I encourage everyone to come to an OC Spearos meeting or club dive to meet myself and others interested in the sport (email for information).

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