OC Spearos Club Records

Common Fish NameLbs.Oz.Club MemberDateLocation 
Barred Sand Bass70Braeden DeGeus05/11/2012Laguna Beach California
California Sheephead248Braeden DeGeus02/20/2014California
Ling Cod241Braeden DeGeus08/21/2013Ocean Cove, Sonoma County California
Red Abalone9.5 inchesBraeden DeGeus08/20/2013Ocean Cove, Sonoma County California
California Spiny Lobster1014Fernando Gutierez02/23/2014California

To submit a fish to this record book, please fill an the official IUSA Application and submit to Braeden DeGeus at braedendegeus@gmail.com or to any board member at an OC Spearos event.  Submissions will be counted at the discretion of the club.